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Server Virtualization

Optimize your entire environment by using virtualization.

Optimize Resources

Get more out of your servers by using virtualization.

Evolution in parallel processing computing has led to the creation of the concept of virtualization. This service provides huge savings on server hardware resource utilization.

This technology consists of installing and running multiple applications and operating systems on the same physical machine or server. That is, with server and application virtualization, a device can be used to “climb” various types of servers with different activities and configurations. In addition, replication, maintenance and backup are made easy with the use of virtualization.

Know the Benefits

See some benefits that virtualization brings to your business.


Many options

With virtualization your environment configuration becomes much more flexible. Depending on the time of your business you can provide computational power for specific systems/servers in your environment. Therefore, virtual scalability can be configured making the use of its resources more optimized.

Physical Space

Higher Capacity

With virtualization you will need less equipment to perform all the tasks required for your business to function, so the required physical space is reduced.

Cost Reduction

More Economy

Your business will need less physical equipment, will save on physical space and electricity. In addition, maintaining in virtual environments is more agile, thus making your company spend less time producing due to computational inconsistencies.

What Problems Solves

Check out some issues that are avoided by using server virtualization.

High Energy Consumption

With better utilization of your physical servers, you will need less equipment to accomplish many different tasks.

Maintenance Issues

Maintaining and recovering virtual server backups is easier as they allow you to create a real copy of the entire machine.

Lack of Resources

Your company's equipment is better utilized when virtualization is used, so you will produce more with less hardware.

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