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WiFi Solutions

Have fast, smart wireless networks working to connect your entire business.

High PerformanceHigh Performance

We deliver and deploy state-of-the-art wireless connection services for your environment.

The use of wireless networks has become indispensable nowadays. Using access pointsaccess points) praticamente todos os locais de uma empresa ou empreendimento pode estar conectado. É muito importante que essa rede sem fio esteja estável, segura e possua uma velocidade compatível com o uso. Nossa solução de autenticação seguem as normas LGPD.

It is important that corporate Wi-Fi networks are deployed by qualified and certified professionals. The choice of equipment is essential for wireless networks to function optimally. The TB4U team offers all devices and devices enabled for your deployed premium wireless network.

Know theBenefits

See how TB4U equipment can optimize your environment's wireless network.

High Availability

Fully Stable Network

We use state-of-the-art equipment that ensures full availability of your WiFi network.



With the right equipment and a professional deployment your wireless network will be fully encrypted and secure against intrusion. We also offer the service and maintenance portion of the WiFi solution with user authentication control, further enhancing the security of your wireless network.


Greater Control

Easily manage your wireless networks with intuitive, fast and secure network control systems. Our networks are all managed through the cloud.

What ProblemsSolves

Check out some issues that can be solved with TB4U WiFi solutions.

Installation Difficulty

Our equipments have easy, simple and quick installation, not generating damages with the delay of the implantation.

Complicated Integration

With trained professionals the TB4U team integrates WiFi equipment with the current network of your environment.

Connectivity Problems

Quality equipment allows the wireless network connection to be fully stable.

Talk Now toOur Experts

We market and implement equipment and solutions from the best brands available in the market.

We have certified specialists to help our customers optimize the technology of companies. We offer high technology through specific products and services. We have partnerships with leading suppliers of equipment and technology solutions in the market. We make this bridge by linking the latest technology to companies. Talk to one of our experts now and get all your questions answered.

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