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Infrastructure Monitoring

Have full control of your technology environment with professional monitoring.

Real Time Control

Get a unified view of the entire technology environment of your company.

As companies grow their management becomes more challenging. Managing all IT assets and systems is a more complex task when you have a lot of equipment and programs. With infrastructure monitoring, control becomes much easier and more reliable.

TB4U uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor your entire technology infrastructure and elegantly and intelligently deliver all the information you need for good governance and control. With dashboards and reports you can identify problems in record time, avoid damage, and raise indicators to improve your environment.

Know the Benefits

Several benefits are delivered with real time monitoring.



Get all your technology infrastructure information in real time on the indicator screens and dashboards.


Optimize your Environment

With all the information on your infrastructure at your fingertips, optimizing your environment becomes much easier. Drive your business improvements to the areas you really need with performance indicators.


Greater Control

Properly manage your entire technology park by analyzing status, capacity, and processing.

What Problems Solves

Avoid problems caused by lack of intelligent monitoring.


Com nossos sistemas saiba em tempo recorde se algum equipamento ou sistema de seu ambiente parou de funcionar, assim agilizando a solução de problemas.


With continuous monitoring, your team will be able to predict problems by increasing the availability of your environment.


Find bottlenecks in your environment and solve problems quickly through proactive management against adversity.

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