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Backup and Replication

Store your data safely and reliably.

Protecting Your Data

We perform the management and settings necessary for the overall security of your data.

Today's business data is as valuable as its material goods. Protecting information from potential disasters is of the utmost importance. The solution to this is to set up and use a reliable backup service. Backup service contingencies are of the utmost importance, so when engaging in this type of service make sure that your provider stores your data in more than one data center and with geographic replications.

Just as important as performing the backup, is knowing how to perform data recovery correctly in case of a disaster. The reliability of data recovery must be indispensable for the proper functioning of enterprise systems.

Know the Benefits

Learn about the benefits that using backup can bring to your business.

Disaster Recovery

Unforeseen Happen

Count on a specialized backup and recovery team to protect your data from potential problems. Rest assured that your data recovery will be seamless, bringing all your systems to full operation in record time.

Geographic Replication

Distant Regions

Your backup data is stored in data centers located in different geographic locations through mirroring and replication. Therefore, should a natural or force majeure disaster occur at one of the storage locations, your data will remain secure.


Intrusion Prevention

It is always interesting to create ways to prevent everything. We clarify that all of your backup data is encrypted for added security and reliability that will not fall into the wrong hands.

What Problems Solves

Learn what problems can be avoided by using backup and replication.

Lack of Performance

Our lightweight and intelligent backup systems utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve performance.

Data Loss

Your information will never be lost as backup routines are managed by trained and certified professionals.

Lack of Security

Rest assured that your data is being stored securely with a backup routine compatible with your company's data usage.

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