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Link Aggregation

Leverage the full power of your data link with our optimization.

Performance Optimized

Proper handling and configuration significantly increases the availability of your network.

Link aggregation technology seeks to provide a better user experience of the technology to the employees. Network utilization is optimized so that algorithms identify the shortest and fastest routes to be used preferentially. Therefore, the speed and delivery of data is higher.

Besides that, we use the concept of link aggregation, where more than one link is used to “turbine” your network bringing redundancy and increased throughput without the need to modify the physical network. Count on the TB4U team to optimize your data link.

Know the Benefits

The right choices for your business brings important benefits.

High Availability

Reliable Delivery

Combined with state-of-the-art equipment and professionally made configurations, your link availability is almost 100%.


Link Aggregation

Several links are used in some type of connection, so if one of them fails, the connection will remain active on the other link. Thus, availability is integral allowing time to solve possible problems.


Route Management

Load balancing and aggregation routers analyze multiple data transmission routes and install the shortest administrative routes to reduce transmission time, making data exchange much faster.

What Problems Solves

Several problems can be avoided with TB4U solutions.

Lack of Control

Take full control of your data bandwidth by optimizing link delivery to your specific business needs.

Lack of Stability

Optimized environments offer a better experience using tools and computer systems without transmission and link failures.

High Cost

By utilizing equipment and configurations that optimize your environment, the need to purchase new equipment is avoided by reducing expense.

Talk Now to Our Experts

We market and implement equipment and solutions from the best brands available in the market.

We have certified specialists to help our customers optimize the technology of companies. We offer high technology through specific products and services. We have partnerships with leading suppliers of equipment and technology solutions in the market. We make this bridge by linking the latest technology to companies. Talk to one of our experts now and get all your questions answered.

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